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Grants General Documentation

grants is built upon EIP 1337.

specifically, it is built upon this smart contract.

How Grants works

When you create a new grant at /grants/new, you are deploying a new version of this contract.

When you fund a new grant at /grants/<pk>/<slug>/fund, you are approve()ing a batch of ERC20 tokens to be sent, and you are signing a message that will be used to create recurring transactions down the line.

How are those transactions created, you say? Well, it's via a sub-miner....

Sub Miner

The subminer takes the signed message you created in the frontend (see above), and runs executeSubscription every periodSeconds interval.

Here's what it does in psuedocode:

iterate through all subscriptions:
    ready = contract.methods.isSubscriptionReady(..)
    if ready:

In order to run it, this is what you want to do:

./ subminer <network> <optional_live_flag>


./ subminer rinkeby --live

When you run this code, it looks through all of the active grants on your local on <network>, and then runs executeSubscription() on them. if executeSubscription() succeeds, it will trigger some other actions (mostly emails, db mutations, etc)

Heres an example successful tx created by the subminer:

More information

For more information on the subminer for grants, checkout