Define the ENS subdomain utilities and miscellaneous logic.

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Convert a b'' represented string to 0x.

Args: b_txn (str): The txn to be converted. Example: "b'7bce7e4bcd2fea4d26f3d254bb8cf52b9ee8dd7353b19bfbc86803c27d9bbf39'"

Usage: convert_txn("b'7bce7e4bcd2fea4d26f3d254bb8cf52b9ee8dd7353b19bfbc86803c27d9bbf39'") "0x7bce7e4bcd2fea4d26f3d254bb8cf52b9ee8dd7353b19bfbc86803c27d9bbf39"

Returns: str: The '0x0 representation of the txn.