Define the Gitcoin Bot action methods for interacting with the Github API as a Github App.

Copyright (C) 2021 Gitcoin Core

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Bound(self, *args)

Validate every bound before call the annotated function.


amount_greater_than_zero(*args, **kwargs)

Validate if the specified amount is not negative and greater than zero.


no_active_bounty(owner, repo, issue_id)

Instructions to create a bounty.


parse_comment_currency(comment_text, fallback_currency='ETH')

Get the first token defined in comment_text.


start_work_text(owner, repo, issue_id)

Instructions to start work on current bounty.


submit_work_text(owner, repo, issue_id)

Return the instruction to submit the work associated to the bounty.


submit_work_or_new_bounty_text(owner, repo, issue_id)

Submit work if the bounty exists else show instructions to create one.


get_text_from_query_responses(comment_text, sender)

Based on comment_text an assigned response is returned.