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validate_slack_integration(token, channel, message=None, icon_url='')

Validate the Slack token and channel combination by posting a message.

Args: token (str): The Slack API token. channel (str): The Slack channel to send the message. message (str): The Slack message to be sent. Defaults to: The Gitcoin Slack integration is working fine. icon_url (str): The URL to the avatar to be used. Defaults to: the gitcoin helmet.

Attributes: result (dict): The result dictionary defining success status and error message. error_messages (dict): The dictionary mapping of expected error result types. message (str): The response message to display to the user. sc (SlackClient): The slack client object. response (dict): The Slack response payload. error (str): The error code

Raises: SlackClientError: The exception is raised for any Slack-specific error.

Returns: str: The response message.



Get platform wide stats for quarterly stats email.

Args: since_last_n_days (int): The number of days from now to retrieve stats.

Returns: dict: The platform statistics dictionary.



Determine the calling function's name.

Returns: str: The parent method's name.