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Gitcoinbot is a Github App for

Usage instructions

Gitcoinbot is a bot that allows you to interact with gitcoin via the github comments, like follows:

Help Command

Gitcoinbot help

Gitcoinbot Bounty

Gitcoinbot bounty

Installation Instructions

To get it running on your repo, you can install it here or click the install button blow

Post Installation.

Congratulations on installing @gitcoinbot. This bot facilitates gitcoin bounties via github commands.

You can go here.

Gitcoinbot configure

Click configure, then you may select which repository you want the Gitcoinbot to be working.

Here are the commands it understands:

  • bounty <amount> <currency> -- receive link to form to create bounty.
  • submit work -- receive link to to submit work on a bounty.
  • start work -- receive link to to start work on a bounty.
  • tip <user> <amount> <currency> -- receive link to complete tippping another github user .
  • help -- displays a help menu

Go ahead and open up a test issue and give it a try!